Dragonfly door knocker
Dragonfly door knocker
Photo by Susan Alison


Frozen Treats, Celtic Cross, and Exotic Flowers

I spotted this fabulous dragonfly door knocker (above) while out with Doggo. It made me think to watch out for other unusual door furnishings.

Of course, around here at least, most front doors aren’t straight onto the street — they’re up garden paths. I haven’t quite got the nerve to approach someone’s front door, up a garden path, merely to take a pic … So that plan didn’t last long.

The only trouble with this dragonfly design is that I know that, after a while, I would become dissatisfied with it facing the wrong way. I think it should face…

A trio of haikus

Pink hydrangea
Pink hydrangea
Photo by Susan Alison

Blue hydrangeas mean
rigidity and sorrow
and regretfulness.

Pink hydrangeas mean
love and heartfelt emotion,
romance and marriage.

If your hydrangea
is blue, all you have to do
is add garden lime.

I’m more likely to change my pink hydrangeas to blue, though. I prefer the colour.

If you prefer pink flowers, you need to grow your hydrangeas in more alkaline soil, deprived of aluminum. Applying a high-phosphorus fertilizer further impedes the uptake of aluminum.

Adding garden lime will help raise the pH of acidic soil.

It is easier to change a hydrangea from pink to blue, though, than the other way around.

Changing a hydrangea’s flowers from pink to blue requires the addition of aluminium to the soil. Or just buy a tub of ‘hydrangea colourant’.

Another pink flower haiku:

And another:


Getting The Right Amount of Clean Water in Your Brush; and the Right Amount of Paint

Kittens painting
Kittens painting
Painting by Susan Alison

One of the more difficult things to get right when painting in watercolour is the amount of clean water in your brush before you mix up your paint.

If you have too much water the paint dilutes to wishy-washy, it gets out of control, it spills over where it’s not wanted, and generally runs around the place making a mess.

Getting the right amount of water, though, is just a knack, and, as soon as you find your knack, you won’t worry about it again.

There are, in fact, several ways to control the amount of water/paint on your brush.

A cup of coffee and some Italian biscuits
A cup of coffee and some Italian biscuits
Photo by Susan Alison


Blue and white crockery makes it taste better, too. It does!

Fresh coffee and Italian biscuits. Bliss!


One day I might know what I’m doing, but I’m not holding my breath!

Puzzled looking dog.
Puzzled looking dog.
Puzzled dog painting by Susan Alison

I know there’s something going on about a skunk
and about writing in a limerick chunk.
But then I’m completely confused
about where anything gets used
or where it should be subbed, so now I’m in a funk.

It’s all this stuff about tags in different places.
It would seem I need multiple databases
to find my way around
on a site where many possibles abound.
My brain is revolving — it races and races.

And now I’m writing this way, too!
How to stop — I have no clue!
Shouldn’t it all come to an end
before I’m completely round the bend???


Also known as Orange Eye

Awaiting kaleidoscope, or flutter of butterflies.


Or of waterfalls, tinkling fountains or babbling brooks!

Painting by Susan Alison

A friend of mine set off the other day
to visit a friend of hers far away.

The day was very hot.
Of traffic there was a lot —
a jam all down the motorway.
She texted me to say:

Help! I’m dying for a pee!
I shouldn’t have drunk so much tea!
It’s such bad luck
that here I’m stuck
in the middle of a huge traffic jam
halfway to Birmingham.
Help! I haven’t a clue
what to do!

Me to her: Uh, do you have a bottle or a tin can? …

World dominion, that is

Three cats sit around a cauldron
Three cats sit around a cauldron
Painting by Susan Alison

Tabitha was happy with her brew.
Lilith was happy, too.
Binx didn’t think there was enough salt,
but didn’t want to find fault.

She also wanted more toe of frog,
eye of newt and ear of dog,
but she didn’t want a riot,
so, she kept quiet.

She was used to keeping her mews to herself
and taking charge by stealth.
When no cat was looking
she slipped pizzazz into their cooking.

As long as the potion her way worked,
she wouldn’t be too irked.

And she always made sure it did
by adding a crow’s third eyelid.
This was the secret…

Susan Alison

Paints pictures & writes stories for a living. Dogs appear in the art, & the humour — a lot! (Dogs have much to say about life.) Can be found at SusanAlison.com

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